Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Vote in the AMEX Members Project

American Express is currently running the Members Project, which has people nominating and voting for programs that are for the betterment of all of us.

One of those is called Project Brain Child, which is solely focused on ending childhood cancer.  I have learned from a friend of mine, whose daughter has a brain tumor (a diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma), that pediatric cancer does not get the money, the time or the attention in the cancer world.  Kids with cancer are left to fend for themselves.  

We can all do something about this.  Go to Members Project and vote for Project Brain Child.  You do have to be an AMEX card holder to vote.  Once you have voted, pass this blog post on to everyone you know.  Everyone in your address book, on your own blog and throughout your social networks.

Do it today.

Monday, September 22, 2008

More on No Bailouts!

The video that talks about what NoBailouts! is all about.

Pass it along to all you know.

No Bailouts!

Below is the text of a blog post I made on, my political blog.  It has to do with the recklessness and, in my view, incredible wrong of a government bailout of AIG, mortgage companies and others.  Please read, please comment.  If you agree, then join us at:

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Let’s Talk About Change
Posted on September 20th, 2008 by Tony Katz
Over the course of the next two weeks, you’ll be seeing a new look for, and a whole new series of topics. Why? Simple: The leadership, with bravado, mind you, gave up on what is the only smart economic system (Capitalism) and - in the guise of calm and working to help the people - have started us all down the track toward unfettered, worthless socialism.
Let me say for the record that I am not an economist. Rather, I am a student of the world like most of us are. However, I am learning at an accelerated rate, and I already know the most important rule:
Capitalism is better, and to sell it out for a quick fix in the markets is disgusting, unAmerican and despicable.
I will be talking over the course of the next weeks and months (and longer, potentially) about what the moves by the FED and the Treasury have done to us, what the President and the government have allowed to happen to the nation, what the words, the terms and the thought processes actually mean, and what the real effect is in both the short, and the long term.
There will be my articles throughout, but also consider to be a place to find information from experts, as well as a dynamic to engage others in conversations on these subjects.
The problem that we all now face is truly universal for all Americans. Regardless of your politics, one has to recognize that the “bailouts” of AIG, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, and who knows what is coming next, are not sound decisions, but rather decisions made out of fear that push the nation away from Capitalism and towards socialism. The only politics on this subject, from me, is that socialism is a horrible, ineffective and unacceptable system. Capitalism works.
Further, I hope to highlight those in the public and private sector who are doing the right thing, and standing up to this egregious moment in history. I’m happy to offer this link to It offers the words of Congressman Jeb Hensarling, who represents the 5th district of Texas. He speaks honestly of how these bailouts are only going to affect the taxpayer, and goes on to say:
“These massive federal bailouts have exposed taxpayers to literally tens of billions of dollars of new risk,'’ and created a “moral hazard where companies are absolved, not punished, for excessive risk taking…”
Rep. Hensarling has it right on. The system (Capitalism) works in good times and in bad. When things are good, profits are made - and hopefully large ones at that! However, in bad times, companies can falter, and fall. These are not bad things, rather they are important functions of a system that is based on a good product at a good price and not of a system of pseudo equality and cronyism. (As an aside, it seems to me that the word cronyism is only used in conjunction with Republicans, but it exists with both the GOP and Democrats - and other political beliefs. Any idea that it is not equally spread throughout the human landscape is just an unwillingness to accept reality.)
I called Rep. Hensarling’s office to thank him and ask him questions. I have also called the office of Rep. Elton Gallegly, from the California 24th. I hope to hear back from both of them soon. If they agree to interviews, podcast or video, I will have them here. It is my plan to call all 435 members of congress and all 100 senators. I want to know what they are thinking, and I want them to know what I am thinking. 2 down, 533 to go. It’s easy to do - contact your Representative.
No one of a thinking mettle can sit idly by while the country pushes in this new direction, which is guaranteed to bring future generations much more trouble and heartache than it could ever solve. I will not sit by while others - who never learn the lessons - pass the problem down the line. This site, this change, is my start of action.
I hope you will join me.
Carthago Delenda Est!