Friday, June 20, 2008

Back To Austin For SEM for SMB

Clear the calendars, and come back to Austin.  Once a year, for SXSW, just wasn't enough, so I am heading back to Austin July 16th and 17th to take part in SEM for SMB - which is specifically geared to help small and mid-sized businesses learn better how to effectively market, brand and reach their goal clientele in the online space.

I'm proud to be running the panel on Online Marketing for 2009 and Beyond.  It's going to be a great exploration of not where we are now, but theorizing and focusing on what is coming next.  Who's on the bleeding edge, how does the content creator find the technology or style that is right for them, how to get out of your comfort zone - just honest conversation from thought leaders on the panel, and those in attendance.  

What this isn't is another panel where a few people drone on for 45 minutes and no one learns anything.  For our panel, Q&A is everything.  Get the conversation going in Austin, and keep it going all year long.  

I hope to see you all there.  And if you don't see me at the convention, it just means I'm at Stubbs...or The Salt Lick...or Iron Cactus...or Magnolia Cafe.  You'll find me at those places as well.


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