Thursday, May 29, 2008

AdGrinder is waiting for you

It's a really great thing.  My company, Aweli, is done with being private and has release the AdGrinder beta to the public.

AdGrinder is a web based tool that allows for the creation of a 15 second video commercial in about five steps and in less than three minutes.  Once an ad is built, you can build a campaign and place your ad throughout the Net.  Choose your keywords, you daily budget, the length of your campaign and the area codes you want your ad to be seen in.  You can find out more by going to the site at

This is really fun stuff.  Taking an idea to fruition is, in a word, thrilling.  In addition to building ads - and being able to monetize your content, regardless of its viewership! - the blog is also going to be a place that discusses advertising practices.  What works, what doesn't, and why.  The focus of the blog is to put together smart people who have been through it, smart people who are in it, and smart people who want to learn how to do it right before they step in it.

We will also be looking for guest blog posters at AdGrinder.  If you are interested, be sure to drop us an email at business AT adgrinder DOT com.

More to come....more great great things to come.

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