Monday, April 13, 2009

Speaking at the Tea Parties

Across America, citizens are getting ready for the Tax Day Tea Parties.  Large scale, nationwide demonstrations to show both state and the federal government their displeasure with higher taxes, out of control spending, bailouts and the unbridled growth of government as a whole.

I do a lot with the tea parties in Los Angeles.  I am the host of TCOT Radio, and blog about my weekly show here.  I am also one of the organizers and the host of the original LA Tea Party in February at the Santa Monica Pier.

This tax day, I will be pulling double duty.  First, I will be speaking at the Tea Party in Santa Monica (At the pier, 3pm).  From there, I will be heading to Van Nuys for the big show at 7pm.  I am the emcee, as well as speaking at the event.  You can use this link to find out more information on it.  You can also get information about Tea Parties in your town or city by going to Tax Day Tea

Also, there has been a lot of mis-information in the main stream press.  These tea parties are not about political party.  Everyone, anyone, all are welcome (unless your plan is to cause a violent commotion - then just stay home!).  This is about how to best see the country forward, how to best provide for our children and their children by not leaving them a mountain of debt so large that they will spend multiple generations paying it back, how to return to the basics of the constitution, the mandated, limited role of government, and the rights of the people. 

I hope you'll join us.  If you're in Santa Monica or Van Nuys, say hello.

 - Tony

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