Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The New Year, The New Thinking

Wow....has it been that long since my last post here?

Just a quick word about the economy, and the future. Admittedly, this economy has made me re-focus, re-think multiple business decisions, and look for opportunities.

Admittedly, not enough people do this, and they need to. You need to survive now, in order to survive at all.

I think, now, more than ever, that it is important to focus on that concept - survival - and recognize that it is temporary. That, often times, plans don't work out the way you wish they would. And, as the dominoes fall, you have to make sure they don't fall directly on your head.

If you're in that position, or about to be in that position, remember that it is just temporary. What didn't work today is nothing more than a learning lesson for what might work tomorrow. Rethink your parameters, as they need to be restructured. What are you doing to survive? Eating out less, or not at all? Working with your cell phone carrier to lower your bill? Clipping coupons? Have you redone your business plan for 2010? Have you examined new ways of advertising your product or service? Have you discussed with your family your economic situation, and how everyone will have to help make it better this coming year? Have you been honest with yourself about your situation?

If you believe in your abilities, and depend on your own brains to make your situation better, than I wish you a very Happy New Year. Otherwise, you'll end up repeating 2009, and learning nothing.

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