Friday, April 18, 2008

Great Things From Small Biz Survival

Becky McCray is an instant classic.  She doesn't shy away from her small town life, rather she embraces it, shares it with the world and challenges you to male your business better.

I met Becky, the founder of Small Biz Survival, at SXSW in Austin.  She has become a fast friend, and has crazy good savvy.  (I link to Small Biz Survival from this site!)  She gets "it", even when the subject of "it" changes.  She offers rock solid business advice, and facilitates the conversations and advice of others.

She was also kind of enough to give one of my comments top billing on her site.  Every Friday, Becky offers The Brag Basket on Small Biz Survival.  Its an opportunity to let everyone talk about something great that is happening to them - personally or professionally.  She enjoyed my comment, and thought it was the perfect illustration as to what the Brag Basket can be.  I'll be offering future posts based on one of my sayings that, "The Vision Is Only Achieved Through The Action."

Enjoy her site, and feel free to brag a little....or a lot.  


1 comment:

Becky McCray said...

Tony, thank you. Truly. You warm my heart.